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      Add:No.3,Road 9,Donggang Industrial District,Quzhou,Zhejiang,China
      Tel: 0570-8068762
      Fax: 0570-8068763
      E-mail: bella.dong@ix-refrigerant.com
      URL: www.ndfzqqo.cn

      About Us

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        Speech by President

        Since its establishment more than 20 years ago,from the hard pioneering years to glorious today,Jinxing is growing along with the China Fluor-Chemistry industry.The footprints left on JX developing way witness the grow-up of China Fluor-Chemistry industry and engraved the devotions and enthusiasm from Jinxing people.

        Build a good trading platform with our honest,JX provides perfect services to our customers as always.Excellent quality,competitive price,and perfect service are always our goals to pursue.With our constantly efforts can bring our friends a good future.


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