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      Add:No.3,Road 9,Donggang Industrial District,Quzhou,Zhejiang,China
      Tel: 0570-8068762
      Fax: 0570-8068763
      E-mail: bella.dong@ix-refrigerant.com
      URL: www.ndfzqqo.cn

      About Us

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        Quzhou Jinyuan Hongtai Refrigerant Co., Ltd., located in Quzhou, a beautiful city known as the capital of fluorine chemical industry, is a fluorine chemical product company integrating R&D, production and sales, with an annual throughput of over 100,000 tons. Our company has more than 30 years' experience in refrigerant field, we have international production lines and the best quality control center. For production line, we introduced high-precise filling machine of famous Swiss brand “METTLER TOLEDO”; for our lab, we bring in the famous American brand “Agilent Gas Chromatograph” and a full set of advanced inspection equipments to meet domestic and foreign customers’ high quality requirements. Our company's professional technical team and experienced sales team enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, our company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification, all products are strictly in accordance with Chinese national standards and the United States AHR1700 standards.

        Through years of hard work, our company has built a complete sales, transportation and after-sales service system throughout China and overseas markets, and has provided a variety ,high quality and professional refrigeration products for research institutes, aerospace, military vessels, medical tests and other refrigerant applications.

        With high-quality products, efficient team and advanced frontier technology, Jinyuan will be your best choice! Jinyuan is willing to sincerely cooperate with all domestic and foreign friends. Let's join hands to make win-win development and create a beautiful future!


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