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      Precautions for using R410A in air conditioner

      Date : 2019-04-24 Times : 7278

      Refrigerant Gas R410A


      Precautions for using R410A in air conditioner

      R410A is currently the commonly used refrigerant in household air conditioners and central air conditioners.It has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and good cooling and heating effect.It is also the most we Jingyuan Hongtai sell to the air conditioner factory.However, its requirements are higher, mainly because of the following six aspects.

      1.R410A copper pipe must use special copper pipe refrigeration fittings with high pressure resistance coefficient. Also must choose R410A special accessories, avoid using ordinary R22 air conditioning copper pipe instead of R410A copper pipe.

      2.R410A refrigerant split air conditioning unit should not be confused with the piping and refrigerant used in R22 air conditioning during installation.

      3.R410A split air conditioners have higher installation requirements, the system must be fully evacuated, and sweat or other insoluble materials should not be dripped into the pipeline. The best choice is to install in fine weather.

      4.When the R410A central air conditioning unit is being repaired, if the Freon system needs to be cut, the dry filter should be replaced before re-welding.

      5.The air conditioning unit should be re-vacued with special vacuum pump after repair.And the vacuum should reach 100PSI.

      6.R410A must be stored in an environment below 30°C.If it is necessary to add refrigerant in an environment above 30°C, the refrigerant should be placed in a cool environment for more than 24 hours in advance.

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      R410A for air conditioner


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